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Races Local is a in-depth, nationwide resource that was created to help runners find races in their hometown or in a nearby comunity. We list local running races for all different age groups in communities across the United States. Compare various local races and find a running race that suits your needs near your hometown.

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Why travel dozens of miles away when there could be a lesser-known running race close to home? Races come in all shapes and sizes -- much like racers -- so we put best efforts into listing races of all kinds. Then, it's up to you to decide when and where to run.

In addition to finding a race near you, we also work to provide multiple options for those looking to put their feet on the pavement for a cause. View the details of any specific race to find out as much as possible before you sign up.

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We value all feedback as we work to build the most comprehensive and informative local racing resource online, so please contact us with any comments, questions, or other feedback that you have.